Thursday, 9 June 2016

Ortom forwards anti-grazing bill to Benue’s Assembly,bans open grazing

According to IPN ,the Benue State Executive Council chaired by Governor Samuel Ortom yesterday approved the Bill for the Prohibition of Open Grazing of Livestock in the state and Establishment of Ranches and directed the Attorney-General to forward it to the state House of Assembly.
This came on the heels of the incessant attack visited on Benue’s people by the Fulani Terrorist herdsmen  which have left in its wake the death of 5000 persons and the displacement of 30,000 Benue Residents since 2011 when it first began.

The governor of the state, Samuel Ortom  is  at the vanguard of governors advancing the cause of ranching of cattle rather than the creation of grazing reserves or routes in Nigeria. He has never failed at several fora  to reiterate his steely opposition to the idea of grazing reserves and routes as is being pursued by the Federal Government of Nigeria. He had told all who cared to listen that Benue has zero acres of land to reserve for cattle grazing and asked the owners of the cattle to abide by best practices as it obtainable in advance countries by setting up ranches.
The ball is now in the court of the Benue Assembly which is legendary slow in taking up legislative matters unless it has to do with their pockets, affects them personally or it is chieftaincy matters. Since their inauguration a year ago, they have only succeeded in passing the appropriation Act in spite of their high maintenance.


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