Saturday, 16 April 2016

Peace Corps Bill: Media attacks on Ezekiel Adaji unwarranted -Yemi Itodo

An Abuja based Public Relations Expert and Media Consultant, Mr. Yemi Itodo has described as unwarranted, the attacks on social media against the person of Rt. Hon. Chief Ezekiel Adaji, member representing Otukpo/Ohimini federal constituency at the House of Representatives, over mere rumour that he wasn't present at a House Committee meeting on Wednesday.

Addressing Journalists at the National Assembly Complex, Abuja on Friday, Mr. Itodo advised Idoma youths to cultivate the tradition of respects for elders, albeit, title holders in Idoma Kingdom, adding that such virtues were responsible for the long life and good health that Idoma people enjoyed in the days of old.

"I cannot imagine that a young man would just wake up one morning and all he thinks about is to hurl insults on elders, all in the name of freedom of speech or social media activism; it's very unfortunate and unwarranted", he said. Itodo continued, "on Wednesday while there was a committee meeting for the interface with the leadership of Nigeria Peace Corps (NPC) on the Bill for the establishment of Peace Corps in Nigeria, which Hon. Ezekiel Adaji is a member; a young man asserted on social media that, Hon. Adaji was not in support of the bill because of the political difference between him (Adaji) and the National Commandant of the Corps, Dickson Akoh.

"The young man in another post also averred that Hon. Adaji was conspicuously absent from the said committee meeting, as mark of his disapproval for the bill. "But few minutes later, the same young man retraced his posts and admitted that Hon. Adaji had shown up for the meeting. "The young man was sincere enough to have corrected the impression he created when he admitted that Hon. Adaji was part of the meeting and that he made reasonable contributions in support of the bill. "But some social media miscreants hijacked the topic and started attacking the person of Ogakwu K'Idoma, all in the name of making fortunes out of social media activism. 

"It's high time we credited the moral accounts of such miscreants. Idoma people are known for respecting elders and those who think they could insult elders in order to make ends meet should go and get a job and become useful to themselves and the Idoma society. "I am in no way supporting bad leadership or ineffective representation; but what I will not tolerate is to see an elder been taken to the dry cleaners by some professional jobbers, for offense they didn't commit. "For the records, Hon. Ezekiel Adaji was 5 minutes late to that meeting because of his earlier engagement with the leadership of the House on some pressing issues, which I was privy to. "On arrival, he joined the Chairman of the committee and others on high table where he made wonderful contributions to the course of the Bill. He did not only speak glowingly in support of the bill, he also made his fellow committee members to see reasons why the bill must be passed, in the face of unemployment and insecurity in the country. "It might also interest you to know that Hon. Adaji is the only Idoma man who has given frantic and feasible supports to the course of Nigeria Peace Corps since inception. "Aside proffering plausible guides for the smooth passage of the bill, it is also on records that Hon. Adaji bought the enrolment forms in large quantity for his Constituents in 2002 when he was the Executive Chairman of Ohimini LGC and also absorbed some of the cadets into the council at their return from the 3 weeks training. "To say that such a man would then turn back and fight the course he has been part of, is an unfounded rumour and a fragrant mischief from some jobless social media miscreants and it must be discouraged".

By Funke Ademola

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