Saturday, 6 February 2016

BY THIS TIME LAST YEAR (In remembrance of Ameh Prince Jerry)


How did I get here?
Who brought me here?
Men, God or the gods?
Wait, where am I?
Now, I mean right now

By this time last year
Yes, February 6, 2015
The date I’ve christened a ‘day of demons’
I embarked on a solitary journey
A journey to an unknown wilderness
I mean, the great wilderness men call life
Alone, all alone
One year ago
I opened a new chapter of the book of life
The chapter was called ‘REALITY’
I was face to face with reality
‘The father of the house is no more
The rafia fence shall surely crumble’
By this time last year
I refrained from a warm and brotherly embrace of three decades
I was left stranded in the middle of nowhere
Just last year, like yesterday
By this time last year
Jerry, you made that iconic statement
‘Tell Goddy it is critical’
And thus you returned to your maker
Hale and hearty
No more pains, no more tears
By this time last year
I was forced to dance without music
Tears disappointed me
My voice went out
I was alone in the midst of multitude
Just last year, like yesterday
Dear brother,
By this time last year
You led me into this forest of thorns
With me you left a young chick – Idoma Voice Newspaper
You warned me ‘no let am die’
By this time last year
I asked for your prayers
You prayed, God answered
Today, the chick is alive
Now with an offspring – Idoma Television
Thank you for the prayers
Please keep praying for me
And those you left behind
Dear brother,
The last 365 day was ‘kaketic’
No one to wake me with that early morning chorus again
‘Ano gbiyola lebo, ano leheyi lebo’
I miss our late night ‘gists’
Memories, memories!
A cluster of memories sprinkled with tears,
Wishing God had spared you a few more years.
Tenderly I treasure the past,
With memories that will always last forever.
Dear brother,
We have so much to talk about
Plenty stories to tell
When we meet at the feet of Christ
If the son of man tarries,
Please keep praying for me
Because just last night
Another journey of four
Years ended
I am alone, in the midst of this crowd
Deep in my heart a memory is kept,
Of one we love and shall never forget.
God will link the broken chain,
As one by one we meet again.
In our hearts you will always stay
Ameh Michael and all the great Amehnites, cry no more, Jerry is dead but still speaking.

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