Tuesday, 2 February 2016

BENUE SOUTH RE-RUN: #MY OPINION - by Okwori Mariadora


I have watched with keen interest at how the political campaigns played out and so far it has been very interesting,for the first time,people were actually able to air their minds and speak out against what they don't believe in,we have come a long way from being puppets to the high and mighty,I saw the oppressed willing to put up a fight,that is a positive change from the norm. Its not easy to fight for justice,u r in constant danger,threat to your life,your privacy,and your family,but through this,I have come to discover brave idoma/igede sons and daughters that are not afraid of fighting for their right,I will always hold each one of you in high esteem over cowards and people that fight for their interest alone instead
of that of the people.


Let's face the truth,a public seat is a meant for different people to occupy and not to be converted to an individuals palace,the idea is for people to experience good change in leadership,which allows room for a bad leader to be booted,its also allows room for different individuals with different ideas to lead their people,but in a situation where one person continues to rule,he denies his people their freedom of decision,he denies his people the experience of different leaders and promotes oppression and dictatorship,a public seat is a public seat and every one has a right to contest for such seat,the moment you can't let go of it,you will do anything to keep staying there,only greed can make you want to occupy a public seat forever,denying others the chance given to them to serve their fatherland.


When I was a little girl,my parents prayer is that I grow up and become greater than they will ever be,that is every parents prayer,and also every good community pray and hope that their youths become great but somehow that is not the prayers of some greedy idoma elders,this elders prefer the youths to remain servants,they want to remain leaders because of greed,they only see youths as servants and not leadership potential,they brainwash the idoma community by telling us that they are the best thing that can ever happen to us because they don't want anyone to be greater than them,they reduce the self esteem of the youths by calling us small boys/girls then sit in their homes and loot the money meant for us away,I have not seen where a 20 to 40 years old individual is considered too small except in idoma politics,majority of our youths are okada riders and security men,they are responsible enough to work hard the legitimate and hard way to earn a living but are considered too small to aspire for greatness,its time kick this small boy slogan aside and get involved in the leadership of our society,aspire for greatness,and have many great young sons and daughters instead of only one great old son,that will make us less fragile and become a stronger community. make use of our youth because we are strong enough to achieve whatever,don't ever think you are too small,you are bigger than you can imagine.


We practice a very funny way of getting loyalty in this part of the world,especially in politics,we feel that because you have helped someone before,such a person can never change their mind about you,even if they are not satisfied with your conduct,so we seem to hate when anyone has a different opinion. those that decamped for their many reasons are been insulted and accused of betrayal,need I remind you that this is democracy and not dictatorship? Reminding them of every little thing you did for them shows that you did not do them out of the kindness of your heart but because you wanted to secure their loyalty,you wanted them to continue scratching ur back for every favour you ever did for them,that is not a favour but a curse,they are not your slaves and they have the right to change their minds towards you,do remember that sometimes the people you oppress become mighty than you would like. if everyone you claimed to have helped abandoned you then its time to consider if you are the problem.


We are not at war with tiv people,they are our brothers and a good leader should know that it is wrong to incite hate between two tribes just for selfish political games,its dangerous and it is a crime,a good leader should unite us and not divide us. If you want idoma to rule Benue state then retire home and become a political godfather like Tinubu,Obasanjo etc,that will be useful than siting down there and doing exactly what you claim the tiv people are doing to us, by not allowing some one else the chance to the senate seat you have no moral right to accuse the Tiv,and the hard truth is that we the idomas betray ourselves during governorship election and blame it on the tiv that decide to support each other,maybe we should learn from the tivs and stop stabbing each other in the back wile fighting for supremacy in idoma land.


Younger generation,will it be so bad if zone C produces the youngest senator?Power does not corrupt,the fear of loosing it is what corrupts our leaders and the fear of those holding the power oppresses the society,we have become so used to being oppressed that is now normal to us,we are afraid of what will happen to us if we protest,but if we don't  protest we will never be liberated,time for us to fight for our individual rights,a right to choose,a right to have good representation and a chance for the y


We are afraid of what will happen if we try something new,which is normal,but you cannot progress if we don't try anything new,that is cowardice,change is what is constant,we need someone new to lead us and if he does not perform to your satisfaction,you can also try someone else after him,you won't know if you don't try,we need to move on from being in the shadows of one man,we need to grow,and we need to support our youth,everyone must have a first experience at something,experience does not just appear,give a chance to someone willing to serve.let's move on from the old to new and let the old in turn support the new to become great as they were also supported in the old,let the power of love overrule your love for power.


Before casting that vote,think of idoma land and Zone c,are you truly satisfied with the situation of your land, you want to remain that way or try something different,your power is in your hands,the future of ur children and those unborn are in your hands,use ur PVC to take a bold step.thanks

In conclusion,whatever I said is my opinion which am entitled to as an idoma youth,I will always fight for what I believe in,thank you for reading and God bless everyone as we make our decisions.
I remain

Okwori Mariadora

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