Wednesday, 25 November 2015

OPEN LETTER:To organizers of ‪#‎Markdball2015‬ and Agilla Carnival 2015.

For so many years I've watched and observed these two annual events closely and I've come to realise that you organisers ignore Idoma Artistes,you rather pay millions of naira to non-idoma artistes,year by year, You just pick 2face and Terry G and the rest is history,there are so many other talented young idoma artistes that are making idoma proud even to theextent of winning MTN project fame.Yet yearly you ignore these artiste or pay them peanuts to perform,I understand the need to bring superstars to promote your shows but at the end of the day you are not encouraging your own young and talented indigenous artiste.
@‪#‎MarkTheBall2015‬ You invest in idoma basket ballers,why can't you use same medium to encourage our young artiste? ,Why must they fight or struggle yearly to have the chance to perform when u pay this non indigenous artiste millions and give them the presidential treatment.I Urge you the organisers of these yearly idoma events to give more respect and opportunity to our indigenous talents.They say charity begins at home,so let's begin to look inwords and develop the idoma entertainment industry.I look forward for an improvement these time around.Thank you and God bless.

 Tessy Okwori.

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