Monday, 5 October 2015

Family who converted to Christianity say they are being targeted by Muslim neighbours (photos)

49-year-old Nissar Hussain, his wife Kubra and their six children say neighbours who class them as blasphemers are making their life hell after they had their car windscreen smashed six times and eggs thrown at their windows. According to the family who converted to Christianity in 1996, cops are reluctant to treat the problem as a religious hate crime and feel the Anglican Church have done little to offer any decent support.

He has now lodged a complaint with the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Now the family-of-eight are planing to move from their Bradford home to a "white English" area.
"Our lives have been sabotaged and this shouldn't happen in the United Kingdom," said Mr Hussain. "We live in a free democratic society and what they are doing to us is abhorrent."
The family has previously been targeted by what they class as ethnic cleansing by Muslims forcing them to move in 2006. All was well when they started their life in a different part of Bradford until Mr Hussain took part in a Channel4 Dispatches TV documentary on Muslim converts in 2008. The Hussain's were recognised by a large family living on the same street and immediately ostracised.

The younger kids from both families attended the same local Church of England primary school and "word spread around the playground" about them being Christian converts. Daughter Leena, now 14, was told by pals "our parents say we must not mix with you because you are a convert".

"She was heartbroken and made to feel like a second class citizen," said Mr Hussain. Mr Hussain said his wife, 45, and children Issar, 23, Anniesa, 21, Sarah, 19, Miriam, 17, Leena and Isaaq, seven, have faced harassment and abuse on almost a daily basis.

A neighbour was convicted at Bradford Crown Court of a public order offence and bound over to keep the peace after one of Mr Hussain's children recorded him on a mobile phone making threats in a furious rage in the street. Mr Hussain, who has resigned from his nursing job after being diagnosed with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, insisted he has never been violent towards his tormentors but he was given a police caution for an incident last year when he lost his temper and made an abusive comment in response to a threat from the man.

Although their faith remains strong, Mr and Mrs Hussain no longer attend church. "We have given up on the Church of England, they have done nothing for us," added Mr Hussain. A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "We are aware of an ongoing matter involving Mr Hussain and are working closely with partners to resolve this situation. All reports of crime are taken seriously and are investigated thoroughly."

Source: Daily Star

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