Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Veteran Yoruba Actress Ayoka Ologede explains Why she Produced A Movie On Idol Worshipers.


Veteran Actress, Ayodotun Emmanuel popularly known as Ayoka Ologede is one of the actresses who have contributed so much to the development of the Nigerian entertainment industry through her movies. She is known for her role in movies as a witch. For a very long time, the actress has stopped producing movies due to piracy until recently when she produced her new movie titled Orinikabo which was premiered at Etal Hall and Hotel, Ikeja Lagos. In this chat with, Ayoka explained why she titled the film Orinikabo and other things you need to know about your creator and idols. Read full interview.....

You recently premiered your new movie, Orinikabo...
You are right; I really appreciate my fans and friends for their support because they turned up. They made the programme very unique and different from others, to an extent that we couldn’t preview the movie before the launching proper. The Film, Orinikabo  is a very understandable title. It simply means we should worship our creator rather than idols. Yoruba adage has it that when our creator is behind to favour us, what is the idol doing? But our tradition allows us to worship deities which seem to be a must. There are 3 religions which are Christianity, Musim and traditional religion which they worship every now and then but people ignore  their creators, forgetting that your head is your unique selling point which will attract anyone before you get favour from them. I appreciate those who came to the event such as MC Oluomo, Koko Zaria, Tolani Iyana Ipaja, Dende, Shina Okanlomo and many others.
What influenced the movie?
It was influenced by a deep thought and I want you to know that many have forgotten that blessing comes from God. I was deep in thinking before I wrote the script. To be successful in life, we need to wake up early in the morning and grab our head to pray before we step out of the house. Yoruba says cow walks to the place of his death, but our head pushes us all around and with prayers after worshipping the creator, we would be favoured. We should watch out for the film. The film is a story of a young guy who was very active in his profession but has no promotion, but he was dating a lady whom his mum was like they would have gotten married by then but what is happening? He explained that he has no money and his promotion was denied in his place of work and woman agreed to assist her. It is rather unfortunate on what happened to him. People should keep their fingers crossed.
Why did you call it Orinikabo?
I have many reasons for that and that is what I have been explaining since. Everything that is shining is not gold, many people involve themselves in a whole lot of things to survive. Most billionaires we have in our society are into money rituals. It is a true life story and people should watch out for it.
Who did this happen to?
I won’t say it yet but it is what happened to someone. The movie will be released by October this year. I have been producing a lot of movies but this one is different.
Why have you not been producing lately?
This is due to the piracy palaver we are facing. Since we now have 18 in 1 CD and that is why it took me time to produce until recently I decided to do Orinikabo.

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