Thursday, 17 September 2015

Tearful Dad meets his transgender child as a woman for the first time on Dr.Phil

A father whose son came out as transgender broke down as he opened up about the experience on Dr. Phil - before seeing his child as a woman for the first time.

Caitlyn Jenner's transition has become a landmark step towards the acceptance of traAnsgender people, but Thursday's heart-wrenching show examined the toll it has taken on a father named Gary.

Appearing on the Dr. Phil show, Gary said: “I'm just feeling a loss, like he's gone... I don't know how to take him as a girl. And it just seems like something went wrong somewhere."

Dr. Phil asked: “So this is your fault?”

Gary responded: “I believe it’s mine.”

Dr. Phil told INSIDE EDITION: “He was not celebrating. For him it was like, ‘I have failed as a man. I have failed as a father. I am destroyed.’"

Steph, who was formerly known as Zach, was a married U.S. Army MP when she came out as transgender to her family.

The dad said: “I lost my mind... I yelled at him -- asked him why he would ever want to become a girl -- because I raised him as a man.”

Dr. Phil then introduced Steph to the audience. “Steph, please join us,” he said.

Gary was shocked as he saw his child as a woman for the first time.

Dr. Phil told IE the raw, emotional show will be thought-provoking.

“All the attention has been on the rights and the victory of the individual that's transitioning, without looking at the impact of the people around them," he said. “And I think you have to look at the whole story."
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