Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Kris Jenner cancels TV appearance after her lip swells up.

59 year old Kris Jenner cancelled her appearance on the "Bachelor in Paradise" after-show after suffering a nasty bug bite during her own trip to paradise.

She believes she sustained an allergic reaction to an insect bite during her recent family vacation in St. Barts, causing her lips to swell up well beyond their normal size.

Jenner, was originally scheduled to join "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison on the show on Aug. 31, but she was forced to cancel "After Paradise" due to the unexpected facial inflammation.
"I got up, and we just came back from St. Barts, we were on a family vacation filming our show about a week ago," she told Harrison.
"And I feel like, I don't know what happened," she continued. "I feel like I got a bite on my face and like half of my face blew up."
She said she took some medicine and even called a Doctor to her home to help with the swelling but nothing worked.
She said:
"They gave me everything they could possibly give me in 12 hours," she said. "It went down a little bit, but not quite enough. I'm a little too vain, I think, to go on live TV with a huge lip."

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