Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Afghan Female activist posts nude photo in protest against the public lashing of a woman accused of adultery.

A female Afghan activist said to be a journalist posted her nude photo in protest against the public punishment of a young woman in western Ghor province of Afghanistan. The photo of the female activist was widely shared in social media websites with subscribers saying she took the bold step to denounce the trial and punishment of the young couple.

The couple, Ahmad, 21, and Zarmina, 22, were punished in public 20 days after they were arrested over adultery charges. They received 100 lashes each by the order of primary court in the presence of local officials, community elders and local residents.

They were arrested by security personnel from Feroz Koh city and were sent to jail with the head of the provincial primary court Atta Mohammad Farouqi saying that the couple was punished after they admitted their involvement in adultery. The photo was deleted after it was posted to prevent outrage among the people.

Source:Khaama Press

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