Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Wine review of 2008 Giuseppe Rinaldi Barbera d'Alba..


The wine is just so fantastic, from any angle. It is pure and fresh, absolutely transparent in feel - the earthy minerality is pungent. The wine is so complex too - the finish is a melange of the herbal, the acidic, and the ripe but not overripe fruit (which itself is a melange of bright red raspberry and deep dark cherry). Its tempting to drink this and think "so this is what serious Barbera is like." But I think actually that this is what Barbera grown on great soils by a great wine maker is like. Just fantastic wine. 

And note - on day one although the wine was good, it was not harmonious. Minerality and acidity stuck out, the texture was grainy, the wine was good but not showing its potential. Day two is when it became this seamless and expressive thing of beauty.

                                                                                                        .Brooklynguys's Wine

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