Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Sen.Hope Uzodimma denise been indebted to FCMB.

                                                       He said companies which he served on their boards and had earlier obtained loans under strict business transactions, had liquidated all such loans and this could be verified by the Credit Bureau Search Portal of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

“For the bank to publish my name as a debtor, is callous and an attempt to disparage me. I feel pained that people who have worked to the levels of command and leadership are made targets of press war, mischief and ridicule. I have no banking relationship with FCMB. I haves never opened any account with the bank, talk more of borrowing from it. This is scandalous”, he stressed.
Uzodimma accused his political detractors for being behind his listing as a debtor and urged the bank not to allow itself to be used by political detractors.

The Senator urged his detractors who relish in dragging his name to the mould at any given opportunity, to focus on more productive things for the good of the country and Nigerians than denigrating him. Signed... Senator Hope Uzodinmma

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