Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Robin Williams wife says she's can barely make ends meet.

Late Robin Williams' widow says she's not getting enough money to make ends meet ... but Robin's kids think she's getting what she deserves.
Susan Schneider filed legal docs in which she complains she's not getting enough money to cover her mortgage, insurance and maintenance of the Tiburon, CA home she shared with Robin. She does not mention a specific amount.

Susan doesn't buy the number the estate came up with ... a number Robin's kids are more than happy with. The reality ... the kids will get what is left when Susan dies. The kids think Susan is just inflating what she deserves so the funds get depleted.
Susan also says she hasn't gotten any money for the house since Robin died more than a year ago. Apparently the hold up is because the various parties can't agree on how much she should get.

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