Monday, 10 August 2015

Rivers State sponsored students in the U.S also cry out for help.

The Rivers state students in the UK say they have been abandoned. The ones in the US are also complaining. Below is what they wrote in;
Imagine staying in a foreign country where due to visa-type, you are not allowed to work as a student and yet you have had to feed and source for accommodation from strangers or squat with friends for about 4 months during the summer break. So far none of us have had to sleep under a bridge to pass a night, but time has come for us to resume school and we need help as we cannot do much to help our predicament.
Some of us can not even afford our fare back to school. we urgently need the Rivers State government to meet their responsibilities to us and pay our fees, including tuition and upkeep allowances owed for 8 months. Rivers State (U.S based) students are faced with the issue of being dropped out of school due to the fact that their tuition have not been paid since last year. Some schools have issued deadlines with the earliest being 15th August, 2015 for the fees to be paid, otherwise, the students would not be enrolled for the semester or even register for classes. It is disheartening to know that our government has failed us in that regard and if nothing is done about our predicament, we would most likely lose our F1 student status and may face deportation.

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