Sunday, 16 August 2015

Naked Prostitute Fights Man On The Streets For Refusing To Pay For Sex [WATCH].

This is shocking.
A naked woman, believed to be a prostitute, went after a man demanding he pays her for sexual encounter they had.
The video was uploaded on YouTube with the caption “Il refuse de Payer une prostituée ! Respectons la femme!!!” which translates to English as “He refuses to Pay a prostitute! Respect women!!!.”
Passers by stopped to watch and record the scene with their phones, making comments in French. Only a few concerned men tried to separate the fight, by pulling the woman away.

She was being dragged on the ground, at some point the man was holding her head down so hard in a bid to overpower her.
Regardless of what transpired, this is gross violence against a woman. It’s shocking that no man, as seen in the clip, tried to get the man to stop. All they did was watch, laugh, and record the scene.

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