Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Michael Jordan says he cannot do any gig under $10 Million.Read why..

Michael Jordan in 2014.jpg

Michael Jordan testified in federal court that he considers it bad business to do any advertising deals for less than 8-figures! 
Jordan took the stand in Chicago on Tuesday for his lawsuit against a now defunct grocery chain called Dominick's. MJ is suing over a print ad the store ran in Sports Illustrated back in 2009, showing his silhouette (similar to his Nike logo) and his famous #23 -- he says he never gave them permission.  
Jordan said -- under oath -- the store never asked him for permission to use his image, and if it had ... he would have rejected the deal since it was his version of small potatoes. In classic Jordan form, he said all his media deals must be worth at least $10 mil. 
By comparison, Jordan's testified that Nike paid him $480 MILLION from 2000 to 2012!

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