Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Meet the Miracle Baby' Still Recovering Three Years After Suffering Brain Damage from Being Shaken by Father.

According to people.com at just 8 months old, she was shaken so severely by her father that she barely survived. Her mother, Amy Owensby, was told that she wouldn't make it through the night. 

But now, over two years later, Cheyenne, isn't just alive – she's doing extraordinary well despite the injuries to her brain. 
On a Facebook group called Prayers for Cheyenne Rae, Owensby of Wellford, South Carolina, posts fun photos of her lively 3-year-old daughter for almost 200,000 followers. 
On Monday, Owensby wrote a moving message to her supporters about how blessed she feels to have her daughter with her. 
Owensby was separated from her husband when the incident occurred on Aug. 17, 2012. 
"I dropped my happy, healthy 8-month old baby girl off with her dad for the night. An hour and a half later, I got the call that changed my life forever. My sweet baby wasn't breathing. Her heart had stopped and she was being airlifted to Greenville Memorial," Owensby posted on Facebook. "I am BEYOND proud of her strength, determination & just how far she's came already. She proves Dr's wrong time after time.Tell her that she can't & she'll show you that she WILL. My miracle baby." 
The extent of Cheyenne's injuries were so severe that her mother wasn't even allowed to touch her after the incident because it would cause brain activity that could kill her. 
The days since her horrific injury have been filled with surgeries, therapy sessions, court dates and many other challenges. 
On May 7, Owensby wrote on Facebook that her daughter wasn't walking, but she still does everything with a smile on her face. 
"She literally struggles DAILY from what was done to her.. she can't hold a baby doll and her cup at once, she has to choose which she would rather hold at that moment because one hand isn't working, like it's "supposed" to anyway," she wrote. 
Davis admitted to shaking his daughter after he "snapped," according to The Spartanburg Herald-Journal
He pled guilty to felony child abuse inflicting great bodily injury and Circuit Judge Derham Cole imposed the maximum 20-year sentence, suspended upon the service of 10 years and 5 years of probation.

Three years ago, Cheyenne's skull was fractured and she suffered bleeding on her brain when her father, James Davis Jr., shook her because she wouldn't stop crying, according to WYFF

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