Sunday, 23 August 2015

list of 12 names identified out of 54 people that crashed in Papua.

The National Police said its Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) team managed to identify 12 out of 54 people on board a Trigana Air plane that crashed in Oksibil, Pegunungan Bintang regency, Papua, on Aug. 16.

The team has handed over the bodies of the 12 victims to their respective families.
“Entering the fourth day of the identification process, the DVI team has managed to identify 12 Trigana Air crash victims. Four people were identified in the first day, followed by three people in the second day and five more victims in the fourth day,” said the head of the National Police’s medical and health center, Brig. Gen. Arthur Tampi, in Jayapura on Saturday.
The police said the identification process began on Aug. 19, when the DVI team managed to identify the first four Trigana victims a joint search and rescue team managed to transport from Oksibil to Jayapura.
The DVI team received all the bodies of the 54 Trigana Air victims on Aug. 19 and conducted the identification process at the Bhayangkara Police Hospital in Jayapura. However, only 12 out of the 27 bodies the team had examined could be identified.
To speed up the process, Tampi said, the DVI team sent samples from 15 unidentified bodies to the police’s forensic laboratory for DNA tests.
“The poor condition of the bodies, which were burned, has hampered our efforts to carry out the identification process via both primary and secondary data; therefore, we must carry out DNA tests,” he said.
Tampi further said the DVI team continued to work and currently bodies of the remaining 27 victims were being identified.
He said the DVI team could identify only 10 bodies a day.
“We have a limited number of autopsy tables so we can do the identification process for only 10 bodies a day,” said Tampi, who flew to Jakarta from Jayapura on Saturday afternoon with DNA samples of the crash victims. (ebf)
Names of the 12 identified victims:
1. Agustinus Luwarmase – a Jayapura Post Office employee
2. Asirun – a private company employee in Abepura, Jayapura
3. Dita Amelia Kurniawan – a flight attendant
4. Emilia Gobay – a civil servant from Jayapura
5. Hasanuddin – the pilot
6. La Boni -- a student of the Institute of Economic Science (STIE) Ottow Geissler, Serui
7. Milka Kakiarmabin – a farmer from Otmagot village in Pegunungan Bintang regency
8. MN Aragae – a Jayapura Post Office employee
9. Oscar Mangonto – a civil servant from Pegunungan Bintang regency
10. Teguh Warisman Sane – a Jayapura Post Office employee
11. Terianus Salawala -- a Jayapura Post Office employee
12. Wendepen Bamulki – a teacher from Oksibil, Pegunungan Bintang regency.

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