Sunday, 23 August 2015

Jesse Jackson bans daughter from using the N-word from her raps.

Jesse Jackson is staring to bend a little on his 16-year-old daughter doing rap music, but he's standing firm on one rule -- absolutely NO use of the n-word in her rhymes.
Ashley Jackson's reps  tells TMZ  that the teen grew up with zero tolerance for all profanity, and now that she has a budding career in music .... ain't a damn thing changed.

You might recall, Jesse famously encouraged all hip-hop artists to stop using the n-word back in 2006. We're told he gave Ashley the same speech ... with better results this time around.
Ashley who lives with Mom in L.A.doesn't use offensive slang in her day-to-day vocabulary and she has no plans to do so in her music.So now she's more into making music with a socially conscious message.  

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