Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Heidi Klum responds to Donald Trump's jab at her.

Donald Trump, who is known for having opinion about everything and everyone is at it again. Trump’s attitude to women has come under fire a number of times. His target this time is 42-year-old model, Heidi Klum.
During an interview with New York Time's Maureen Dowd, Trump said that his wife and daughter have told him they want more women to see him as the non-misogynist they do. 
“I have many women executives and they are paid at least as much as the men. I find women to be amazing.” he said.
While he is proud of his outrageous behavior, twitter rants, criticism of celebrities and his fellow candidates, he however admitted to crossing the line a few times.
 “Sometimes I do go a little bit far," he said, adding after a moment: “Heidi Klum. Sadly, she’s no longer a 10.”
Ouch! There goes the man who claims he has nothing against women, and even finds them to be amazing.

In a response to his subtle jab at her looks, Heidi Klum tweeted:
      #TrumpHasSpoken #sadly #9.99
      #NoLongerA10 #IHadAGoodRun

She followed it up with a fun Instagram video. In the video, she is getting her picture taken with a white shirt and a piece of paper taped to her that reads '10'.  A mysterious man in a mask meant to be Donald Trump appears from behind her and rips it off to reveal 9.99 on her shirt.

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