Sunday, 16 August 2015

Fugitive radical Sunni preacher attempted to enter Nigeria through Cairo.

According to reports, fugitive Sunni preacher, Ahmed al-Assir was trying to leave Lebanon to Nigeria through Cairo using fake Palestinian travel documents. He was arrested by Lebanese authorities at Beirut International Airport, Lebanon.

The militant cleric had been on the run since June 2013, after he and his supporters engaged in a deadly two-day battle with the Lebanese army in the southern city of Sidon. He is being accused of having formed armed groups that attacked an institution of the state, the army, killed officers and soldiers, took explosive materials and light and heavy weapons and used them against the army.

Unconfirmed reports said he had shaved off his beard and undergone facial surgery.

Meanwhile, his wives attacked the Lebanese Army yesterday after the latter captured their husband. See photos below..

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