Saturday, 8 August 2015

Django Unchained actress ordered to rewrite apology letter to LAPD.

Daniele Watts and her boyfriend are going back to the drawing board for their court-ordered apology letters to the cops and office workers involved in their lewd conduct arrest last September.

The “Django Unchained” actress and beau Brian Lucas now have until Aug. 26 to submit revised letters after a judge and prosecutors rejected drafts submitted this week as part of their May plea deal.

 “I’m glad they have to do a rewrite. No more excuses. She needs to say she was immature and she messed up and that she apologizes for creating the whole conflict,” arresting officer Jim Parker, now retired from the Los Angeles Police Department.

If you recall, the high-profile case started when someone called 911 saying the couple was having sex in a car on a Los Angeles street and Watts refused to show her identification to responding officers.

Watts, who is black, and Lucas, a raw foods chef who is white, later claimed they were victims of racial profiling and excessive police force and made a lot of noise that drew nationwide attention in the US.

After the video of the arrest leaked and it was determined that it wasn't racist, Watts and Lucas eventually pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace.

After pleading no contest to disturbance charges, Watts was ordered to apologize to the neighbors who reported the incident, and the police who were accused of racial profiling.
However, Watts and Lucas merely apologized to the police officer for disturbing 'your carefree coffee break' and thanked him for giving them the opportunity to shine a light on racial profiling.
The couple’s rejected apology letters also accused Parker of speaking “sarcastically” and criticized witnesses for being overly judgmental.
And now, they have been ordered to re-write it

New York Daily News

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