Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Bangkok Prime Minister Chan-ocha Says Blast Is the ‘Worst Ever’.

bangkok blast

The Prime Minister, Prayuth Chan-ocha has described the bomb blast, which hit the Erawan shrine on Monday in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, as the ‘worst ever attack’.

“This is the worst incident that has ever happened in Thailand,” Mr Chan-ocha said.

“There have been minor bombs or just noise, but this time they aim for innocent lives. They want to destroy our economy, our tourism.”
The bomb was detonated at about 7:00 pm on Monday when the shrine, and the busy Ratchaprasong junction where it is located, were crowded.
The blast left at least 21 people dead and several others injured.
Mr Chan-ocha said that the perpetrators had not been identified but the police is looking for a suspect seen on a CCTV footage at the shrine.
Thai’s military government said the bomb clearly targeted foreigners and was intended to hurt tourist trade and destroy the economy.

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