Monday, 20 July 2015

Open letter to the wife of the Vice President of Ghana

The man wrote this following the Vice-President's wife's tirade. Read what the woman said after the cut to understand this letter..

The headmistress of a Primary School in Ghana, Juliet Oppong, complained about short supplies of chalk, registers, exercise books, note books, pencils and other materials to the wife of the Vice-President,Matilda Amissah-Arthur at the presentation of five computers to the school
“The elderly say if you want to communicate something to God, you say it to the wind. We are therefore requesting of you to tell government to try and come to our aid with these things which are in short supply in the school." Mrs. Oppong pleaded.

To the shock of everyone present, the Vice-president's wife went into a tirade. She thoroughly insulted the Headmistress, saying.

"I won’t give you the chalk; I won’t give you the chalk today or tomorrow. Your teachers and PTA should go and buy it. The head teacher has disappointed me. So if government has supplied school uniforms and they are not enough, can’t you find ways to acquire some? Please go and find other ways to supplement. It will even be embarrassing for me to go back to Accra and tell them the headmistress of Kukurantumi says they don’t have enough chalk so we should bring her chalk. Please, I can’t go and say this anywhere because they will even laugh at me. So I can’t go and say it.” she said

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