Wednesday, 22 July 2015

"I Am Baba Go Slow, I Will Be Slow And Steady" - Buhari admits In Washington

President Muhammadu Buhari has replied those calling him ‘Baba Go Slow’.

Some angry Nigerians have continued to liken Buhari’s government to a millipede.

However, even though Buhari has accepted the Baba Go Slow, he said that his government might be slow, but steady.

He said this at the Nigerian Embassy in Washington while answering questions at an interactive session with Nigerians in the Diaspora.

On corruption, the president said some of the affected officials were involved in illegal sale and diversion of crude oil monies belonging to the Federal Government to multiple private accounts abroad.

He said, “When we get as much as we can get as soon as possible, we will approach those countries to freeze those accounts and go to court, prosecute those people and let the accounts be taken to Nigeria.

“The amount of money is mind-burgling but we have started getting documents.

“We have started getting documents where some of the senior people in government, former ministers, some of them had as much as five accounts and were moving about one million barrel per day on their own.

“We have started getting those documents. Whichever documents we are able to get, we will subsequently trace the sale of the crude or transfer of money from Ministries, Departments, Central Bank.

“We will ask for the cooperation of those countries to return those monies to federation accounts and we will use those documents to arrest those people and prosecute them. This, I promise Nigerians”.

Asked what he think about people calling him baba go slow on social media, a confident Buhari simply replied. “I am baba go slow, I will be slow and steady”.

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