Sunday, 19 July 2015

Buhari Orders Preparation Of The Halliburton Case-File: READ MORE

President Muhammadu Buhari departed to the United States hours ago to meet President Barack Obama and discuss security, financial, economic and anti-graft issues. However, before departure the president had reportedly made a crucial directive on Halliburton bribery  saga.
Sunday Vanguard reports that the Nigerian leader has finally ordered the preparation of the case-file. It means that the people indicted in the $182 million bribery scandal would be prosecuted.
The directive may improve the reputation of the current administration, as it shows that the new president is ready to prosecute the suspects who played a role in the infamous bribery scandal. It becomes especially important as Western countries put the release of $141 million allegedly looted from Nigeria on hold.

Buhari is likely to tell his counterpart, Obama, that all those indicted, including former heads of state, a former vice president, two former Group managing directors of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, would face prosecution to defend themselves.
The president would also inform the American side that private legal practitioners, who cannot compromise because of the past government patronage, would be commissioned to handle the case.

It will be recalled that the recent directive by Buhari to reopen the Halliburton bribery case led to the discovery that the $26.5 million plea bargain money released by the  oil servicing firm as part of efforts to shield the company from prosecution was not in any government account.
Halliburton trial took place during the Jonathan administration. However, its quality and independent nature are questionable.

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